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Buying a Car Out of State

Route 23 Automall is truly a destination dealership. We attract customers and guests from all over, not just locally. Despite our caring staff and competitive prices, you may have some apprehension about buying a car out of state. This is why the team at Route 23 Automall wants to address these inquiries so you can be sure that we are your destination dealership, no matter where you are shopping from.

Can I title and register the vehicle I purchased outside the state of New Jersey?

Yes, you can register and title the vehicle you buy in the state that you live. Despite purchasing your vehicle from Route 23 Automall, you will not have to title and register that vehicle in the state of New Jersey.

Will you ship me the vehicle?

You have to sign any documents in person and take this vehicle from the dealership yourself because of identity requirements.

Will the prices and rebates be the same in my state?

When you are looking to purchase your vehicle from Route 23 Automall, keep in mind that all advertised pricing applies to residents of the New Jersey region. If you are from a different area, then your pricing might be different.

Can I register any vehicle in my home state?

There are some states that have different emission requirements than New Jersey.

Can I finance with my credit union or bank?

Certified or wired funds have to received by your dealer before the delivery. Letters of credit, drafts, or funds that are on hold won’t be accepted on out of state deals. Route 23 Automall has a highly-experienced financing team that can help you get the support that you need.

How should I handle my out of state insurance?

You have to provide state-specific and VIN-specific insurance, a license from your state, and a copy of state registration if you are transferring over your license plate. Make sure that all of these forms match the address of your registration.

What if I am not headed to my home state anytime soon?

This shouldn’t be an issue unless the state requires your vehicle/emission inspection before the vehicle is titled or registered.

Will I be able to handle my title and registration?

If you purchased a pre-owned vehicle with funds that are available immediately, then yes. If you are buying new or financing a pre-owned vehicle, then no. Financial lenders need proof of registration as well as your lien record. Ford also needs proof of registration matching the incentives received.

How long will the process of registering take?

Each state varies on how long this process will take. Issues like state inspection, emissions testing, and various fees might prolong the length of this process. It is always our goal to wrap up this process within 60 days.

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