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Ford Pre-Collision Assist

Ford Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking is a safety feature that is found in many new Ford models. This system works to alert you if it senses an incoming crash with the car in front of your vehicle. It will use sensors in the front of your vehicle to determine if a slower vehicle is traveling in front of you in the same direction, and once that vehicle is detected the system will warn you if your vehicle is approaching rapidly. A row of red lights directly on your windshield will flash and an alarm will sound. If you still fail to react, your car will pre-charge your brakes and increase their sensitivity in order to boost their responsiveness, which could possibly help you avoid getting into an accident or reduce the impact. Your pre-charged brakes will apply a harder force in order to stop you, even if only a light force is applied.

This system is meant to be a supplementary driving aid and is in no way a complete replacement for the driver’s attention and judgement in regard to using your brakes. This system will NOT automatically activate your brakes. If you fail to press your brakes to activate them, you may end up in an accident. If your collision warning system is activating too often, then you can set your sensitivity lower. The manufacturer recommends that you always use the highest sensitivity setting whenever possible, but setting your sensitivity lower can lead to fewer system warnings. If you want to find out more about the collision warning system featuring brake support or need to troubleshoot your system, then come into Route 23 Automall, your local Ford dealership, and our staff can give you more details on this great system.

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